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Ambient Assisted Living

Ambient Assisted Living stands for concepts, products, technology and services that introduce new technologies into everyday life to improve the quality of life for people in all phases of life - especially in old age. Age-appropriate assistance systems therefore stand for a healthy and independent life in old age in your own home. However, AAL can also be intelligent, environment-supporting technology that can benefit a broad, heterogeneous mass. Here, the technology should be integrated unobtrusively into the living environment or living environment in order to support both the needy as well as caring family members, doctors and nursing staff.

The AAL systems can also be individually adapted to the living situation of the people concerned and can be changed or expanded at any time. As a result, more and more intelligent smart home technologies are being used as part of senior care to independently control recurring processes. Intervention from outside by a family member or by a carer is still possible at any time, because the person in need of care can make themselves felt at the touch of a button.

Ambient assisted living is becoming increasingly important. Due to the steadily increasing life expectancy, older people stay mentally and physically fit longer and make higher demands on their standard of living. As the pension system and the elderly and care sector also reach their limits and the private old-age provision of many people is not sufficient for a long, self-determined retirement, there is an increasing need for support and assistance for older people. Places in the home are becoming increasingly scarce and more modern care concepts are required to minimize rising costs.

A possible way out is offered by technical systems which, due to the technological progress of recent years, are increasingly able to facilitate or take over everyday activities. Assistance systems are therefore essential for the entire healthcare system in Germany in order to make life significantly easier for those affected.

favioo Control Modules

favioo - the individually adaptable modular system, with which facility management (also retrospectively) can be implemented easily for private apartments and houses for central control of light, heating, air conditioning, blinds, alarm system, smoke detectors and electricity. In combination with favioo iQ, the smart programs and helpers of our software, intelligent assistance systems and emergency scenarios can make your everyday life easier and better.

The favioo control modules take on many tasks that previously had to be processed manually. The automated control of heating, light, blinds and general monitoring of houses and apartments can be implemented quickly and easily. The internet plays a crucial role in the networking of the individual systems, because it enables relatives or professional care services to check at any time whether everything is in order at home.

favioo AAL takes advantage of these "smart home" technologies and expands them to meet the needs of people who have a disability or need for care, but still want to live independently within their own four walls. The control modules also enable a significant optimization of energy efficiency by saving energy due to monitoring and data acquisition of the heat and water meters, gas meters and electricity meters from a dashboard. An automatic adjustment of the settings to the usage and for example to the weather avoids peak loads and billing errors. Waste of electricity is avoided by automatically switching off the heating when the windows are open. Weather damage to automatically retracting blinds during storms can also be avoided. In addition, the increase in comfort due to intelligent control and automation of processes can be mentioned: for example, a predefined lighting situation can be created at the push of a button, automatic access by service or nursing staff can be ensured, everyday processes can be streamlined and simplified.

Overview of favioo Ambient Assistance

Place the sensors in places in the object to be monitored where you expect regular movements. After personal configuration in the app, favioo Ambient Assistance will inform you if no movement is registered within your personally configured parameters.

The system can be conveniently controlled from anywhere using the favioo app; Access rights can be assigned individually to selected people. Configure your individual profile quickly and easily - the system will then reliably inform you of any deviations.

You can also expand your system: The alarm is then triggered in the event of flooding, smoke or even when the windows or doors are open - we would be happy to advise you on useful extensions to our starter packages

Smart technologies monitor the environment of your loved ones without monitoring them ourselves - we deliberately refrain from using video recording and evaluation as well as the provision of historical data such as movement profiles - out of respect for the people we care about!

Data protection in intelligent environmental monitoring is our highest concern, therefore: No cloud! Your data never leaves your own four walls - since we deliberately do not use a cloud, but instead use edge computing, we guarantee the highest level of security for your data!

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